Documents Legalization

As the US legalization is totally dedicated to make certification easy, we have established this specialized website for issuing the UAE “United Arab Emirates” authentication and legalization of your single or multiple documents.
In this website you will find several services, news, tips, embassy notes and free resources (in which you can easily find and download to help you on both personal and business level).

Fedral Documents

Charges for 2 days service: $688
US Legalization will authenticate the document from the US Department of State and the Embassy of UAE
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personal Documents

Charges for 2 days service: $123
Most personal documents must be apostilled from the Secretary of the State in which they were issued. In some instances, US Legalization can help
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notarized Documents

Charges for 2 days service: $698
Companies must apostille their documents directly from their Secretary of State. In special circumstances, when a company experiences difficulty, US Legalization can help to apostille limited types.
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commercial Documents

Turn around time is : 7 days
US Legalization will certify (C/O) AND (C/I) from Chamber of Commerce and legalize the documents from the Embassy of UAE in Washington DC. Certification of one set
(commercial invoice + certificate of origin)
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Legalization, Authentication and Certification

A private agency that expedites the authentication, legalization, and certification of documents. Our services include: Document authentication, certification and legalization.


US Legalization
Certification made easy
US Legalization provides expedited legalization services to certify documents from the Embassy of China. more